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What you have is all His Gift to you.What you do with what you have is your Gift to Him ...

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03/06/2016 Result Analysis  
06/06/2016 Parents meeting Time 3.45 pm Venue-School auditorium
14/06/2017 Parents Meeting : Std XII Parents meeting for class XII will be on 14/06/17[Wednesday]
15/06/2017 Parents Meeting: Std X Parents meeting for class X will be on 15/06/17[Thursday]
16/06/2017 Parents Meeting: Std XI Parents meeting for class XI will be on 16/06/17[Friday]
19/06/2017 Parents Meeting : Std IX Parents meeting for class IX will be on 19/6/17 [Monday]
20/06/2017 Parents Meeting : Std VIII Parents meeting for class VIII will be on 20/6/17[Tuesday]
21/06/2016 International Yoga Day  
21/06/2017 International Yoga Day International Yoga Day will be on 21/6/2017,Wednesday
21/06/2017 Parents Meeting : Std VII Parents meeting for class VII will be on 21/6/17[Wednesday]
22/06/2017 Parents Meeting : Std VI Parents meeting for class VI will be on 22/6/17[Thursday]
23/06/2017 Parents Meeting : Std IV Parents meeting for class IV will be on 23/6/17[Friday]
27/06/2017 Result Analysis 2017 Result Analysis 2017 will be on 27/6/17 Tuesday
28/06/2017 Parents Meeting : Std V Parents meeting for class V will be on 28/6/17[Wednesday]
29/06/2017 Parents Meeting : Std III Parents meeting for class III will be on 29/6/17{Thursday]
30/06/2016 Gurujis Birthday  
30/06/2017 Parents Meeting : Std II Parents meeting for class II will be on 30/6/17[Friday]

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