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What you have is all His Gift to you.What you do with what you have is your Gift to Him ...

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Our Staff


Smt. Sobha Rani S.



Smt. Beena N.R.

Vice Principal


Padmapriya S.K    English MA,BEd,SET
Nisha.K.S    English MA,BEd
Deepa.T.I    English MA,BEd
Sreelekha.G    English MA,BEd
Gayathri    English MA,BEd,SET,PGDCA
Seetha Lekshmi C.J.    English MA,BEd,SET
Jayalekshmi.B.S    HOD Malayalam MA,BEd,SET
Savitha    Malayalam MA,BEd
Premini    Malayalam MA,BEd,SET
Dhanya G.U.    Malayalam MA,BEd
Anithara P.G.    HOD Hindi MA,BEd,SET
Radhika    Hindi MA,BEd,SET
Roshni    Hindi MA,BEd,SET,Ph.D.
Sindhu    Hindi MA,BEd,SET
Suja    HOD Sanskrit MA,BEd,M.Phil.
Saji    Sanskrit MA,BEd,M.Phil.,Ph.D. doing
Deepa    Physics MSc,BEd(Phy),M.Ed.
Sreeja    Physics MSc,BEd(Phy)
Anu K.V.    Physics MSc,Bed
Jayalekshmy.K.S    HOD  SCIENCE Chemistry MSc,BEd(Che)
Praseeda    Chemistry MSc,BEd(Che)
Seena Sivadasan    Chemistry MSc,BEd, SET
Geethalekshmy    Biology M.Sc(Botany),BEd(Natural Science)
Anjana S.    Biology MSc, BEd, SET
Priya M. Nair    Biology MSc, BEd
Radhika.P    HOD History MA,BEd,SET(His)
Archana R.B.    History MA,BEd,T.T.C.
Priya S.    Economics MA,BEd,SET
Lekshmy.R    Economics MA,BEd
Maya    Geography MSc,BEd,SET
Asha G.    HOD Computer M.C.A.
Dhanya R.    Computer MSc.
Jinu    Computer M.C.A., BEd Physics
Gopika-CCE Co-Ordinator    Computer M.C.A.
Bindhu.V.K    HOD Mathematics M.Sc,BEd
Manju    Mathematics M.Sc,BEd,PGDCA
Sandhya.V    Mathematics M.Sc,BEd
PrathibhaV.R    Mathematics M.Sc,BEd
Jayasree Nair I.S    Mathematics M.Sc,BEd
Anitha Sajeesh    Mathematics M.Sc,BEd
Seetha Ambady    Mathematics M.Sc,BEd
Sharmila.K.Nair    PT    Special Teachers BPE
Rajani Dance    Special Teachers BPA
Rekha Rani.T.K    Music    Special Teachers MA,Music,SET
Resmi.G    Library    Special Teachers MA,MLISc
Manju.K.N    Nursery Teachers PDC,PPTTC
Anitha.D.S    Nursery Teachers PDC,PPTTC
Ranju.K.N    Nursery Teachers PDC,PPTTC
Gadha.M.S    Nursery Teachers PPTTC
Subha Kumari    Nursery Teachers PDC,PPTTC
Deepa.M.N    Nursery Teachers BA,PPTTC,BEd
Purnima L.    Nursery Teachers BCom,PGDCA,MTTC
Sujakumary S.G.    Nursery Teachers BA(Malayalam),PPTTC
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