About Us

Welcome to Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Kunnumpuram, a school where education meets values!
Started in the year 1980, under the able guidance of our first Principal Smt.Indira Kurup, our school grew both numerically and academically.

Our school is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE). Our school has played a pivotal role in manoeuvring children onto the right path, in alignment with their potential and has led them impeccably to maintain and reinforce their academic excellence. Our earnestness in providing knowledge, factored flawlessly with our students’ determination and hard work has even helped us to produce a state level topper in the board examinations. Those who have completed ICSE Board Exam can opt either Science Stream or Commerce Stream for Higher Secondary. The integrated Science Stream comprises English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/ Malayalam and Biology/ Computer Science.

The Commerce Stream comprises English, Accounts, Business Studies, Mathematics/Malayalam.
Through a remarkably impressive journey of providing quality education combined with teachings rooted in our culture and ideals, accounting to nearly 40 decades, we have etched for ourselves a brilliant history, abounding in achievements and expertise. Making each step carefully and firmly on the golden thoroughfare, already set by our visionary leader Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda, we have come this far, embracing the valuable teachings of the Bhagavad Gita propagated by him. Through our Value Education Series, ‘Life an Aradhana’, we offer children an exclusive insight into the brilliant and powerful essence of values, as exemplified by the veritable repository of ideals proposed by Chinmaya Vision Programme.

All through these years, we have successfully been able to enlighten many minds with our curated teaching practices, catering duly to the needs of every child. Even today, we are fully equipped to deal with any unforeseen situation, for we genuinely believe that learning should never come to a halt. We provide hybrid classes, considering the paradigm shift education has undergone of late, and to quench each child’s thirst for knowledge, no matter what the circumstances are. With our specially curated learning process in association with Karadi Pathways, we ensure our children a prodigious experience to gain impressive mastery over the English language, in ways never initiated before. We have got our teachers trained efficiently by faculty from Karadi Pathways to aid children wonderfully to acquire knowledge in the art of speaking, writing and comprehending English, in a way they will never get bored of. Our students, who are conditioned dexterously with the whole process of learning and achieving, always make it a point to participate in many competitive exams and scholarships and win laurels. Many of our students have expertly cracked national level examinations and esteemed scholarships like NTSE all adding remarkably to our competency, when it comes to equipping children efficiently with knowledge and wisdom. Niranjan A K securing NTSE Scholarship in 2021 was a golden feather in our cap.

A growing number of our Alumni are honoured for their outstanding achievements. Throughout our brilliant saga of providing quality education, we have been able to produce several students, who now hold illustrious and esteemed position. Our lofty bunch of alumni, including civil servants, doctors, engineers, scientists and so on are an authentic source of encouragement and inspiration to our younger students, who too aspire and strive proactively to contribute effectively to the society. The alumna accomplishment by Athira.S.V ISC 2010 Batch, [KAS,Rank -4]is a testimony of their leadership and performance skills. Our spirited and enlightened team of teachers are always on the lookout, to provide the best they can for your kids, whom you expectantly leave under our wings.

We are always there for your child. With your child initiated into our wonderful world of knowledge, you can be assured of his/ her progressive and holistic development. We value your trust hugely and are ready to make a difference. Join with Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Kunnumpuram and ensure that your child always ‘Keeps Smiling’!