Sports & Games

Sports play an integral role in a student ‘s life . No matter how much we say that studies are important, we can’t deny that sports help in the overall development and growth of a student and certainly is an excellent tool to keep the body physically fit.
Here in Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Kunnumpuram we offer our students a platform to enhance their sportsmanship which helps in developing a value-added proposition to every curriculum area; challenging critical thinking skills, decision making, and moral reasoning.
Our Vidyalaya keeps a keen interest in sports’ massive positive effect on both the mind and body of the students and there by equipping them to accept all their defeat as well as success thus strengthening their emotional side.
Our Vidyalaya through annual sports fest conducted every year aims at maximising the participation of all our students. Our sports team has laid its hand in many a successful events. Our Vidyalaya through its efficient sports team and spectacular and well-equipped sportsroom aims at the overall development in our students.